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Toronto Art Classes - Leah Gold, BFA

Get creative with art classes taught by Toronto artist Leah Gold. Whether you choose take private art classes with Leah, or attend her full day art workshops in her downtown Toronto art studio, you can expect lots of personal attention. Leah can help you to develop your artistic skills and discover a new sense of creativity.

The secret to Leah's teaching success and the reason why her classes stand out among other Toronto art classes, is her belief that in order to create beautiful art, you have to create a fun and relaxed environment for budding artists. Come get inspired to create in a working artist's studio.

Billie, 2009

Bull, 2008

Naro, 2008

Teeth Bared no.3, 2008

The Bicycle Ride, 2005

Rodrigo, 2007

Dog by a Fence, 2007

Naomi, 2008

Leah Gold is an encaustic painter with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Concordia University. Her work has been shown in private galleries and art fairs across Toronto. In addition to teaching out of her own studio, she currently teaches at La Muse Art School and at Art Heart Community Art Centre, both located in downtown Toronto.

Leah teaches a variety of techniques in her art classes to help you reach your artistic goals. These include:

  • Oil Painting - Explore traditional oil glazing or direct painting. Still life and figurative work will help to develop your eye, improving your drawing skills as well.
  • Traditional Encaustic Painting - You'll learn about preparing encaustic paints, choosing and preparing the ground for painting, and how to manipulate the paint. You may choose to work in an observational style from photos, from your imagination, or abstractly.
  • Encaustic Collage - The translucence and flexibility of wax make it a perfect vehicle for collage. In this workshop we will create multi-layered images using found objects, tracings, drawings, and textiles. We will also cover the use of gold leaf and photo transfers.
  • Encaustic Glazing - Learn to create a piece of art with the look of a hand-tinted vintage photograph. We will be using photographs, charcoal drawings, beeswax, oil glazes, and a few other goodies.
  • Drawing - Using oil pastels, oil sticks, pencil crayons, charcoal, or any other one of the innumerable ways to put marks on paper, you'll learn to create arresting images. Learn to draw from observation and you'll see the impact it makes on every aspect of your artistic production.

Private art classes with Leah Gold only cost $45 per hour and can be arranged at your convenience. Her one-day art workshops, which run from 11am to 5pm, only cost $110. All classes take place in Leah's studio in downtown Toronto.

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For more information or to schedule art classes with Leah Gold, please contact her through her Toronto email address